Dell XPS 12 for Laptop and Tablet at Once

The development of computer technology at this point of time can be said to be far away faster than it was before. One proof of it can be seen in the availability if laptops that can also be used as tablets. If some time ago there are quite a lot of tablet PCs that are completed with docking system that enables them to be operated like laptops, this time, something better than that is already found. It is no other else but tablet that can function as laptop at once without any separable dock. For this recent time, the best example of this kind of two-in-one computer is nothing else but Dell XPS 12 that is sold in a quite high price; about $1,099, 99 in the official stores of Dell.


If some other laptop-tablets use sliding design, Dell XPS 12 is not. The design of is more proper to be called as the flipping design. In order to make the laptop turns into a tablet, we just have to flip the screen of it and then close the laptop so that the touchscreen covers the whole keyboard of the laptop that is located at the back of the screen in this mode. As a tablet, this Dell product is a quite convenient one because it is completed with a very comfortable 12.5-inch display that already supports everything in HD. This display is even mentioned to be compatible to use in playing 3D games too. Even so, some accessories like 3D glasses might still be needed. When this Dell is in its laptop mode, it also provides different type of comfort. This comfort is the one located in

The operating system that is used in this Dell XPS 12 is Windows 8 operating system. It is also supported with Intel Core i5-4200U processor than has 1.6GHz speed. The RAM that is installed to this computer is 4GB which is definitely good enough to make it performs faster. The performance of this computer is also best because it is known to own an improved and certainly better battery life than can make it stay longer. Besides, the best thing about it is also located in the carbon fiber construction. This top quality material is the one that gives excellent quality durability value to the computer. This way, the computer can also considered as a good choice for long term usage. Well, it seems that there are quite a lot of good values inside this computer that we all can find. All of those things are surely the ones that make it to be something proper to consider especially among any other tablet-laptops that are known to be the strongest competitors for this one.

Best Features You can Find in Fujitsu Lifebook E743

In the latest development of computer and technology, the new Fujitsu Lifebook E743 is definitely the one that becomes an unstoppable talk among people. This thing is not an exaggeration at all because this latest laptop by Fujitsu is the one that is completed with quite a lot of interesting features inside. In general, this laptop is 14-inch in size. This size including also the thin characteristic of the laptop is quite comfortable especially for those who use laptop in most time every single day. This new series is in fact another model that is included in the class of Windows Notebook by Fujitsu that is known more as Lifebook E Series. The other notebooks that are also in the same class series are; E733 which size is about 13.3-inch and also E753 with its 15.6-inch size.

The best features about this Fujitsu Lifebook E743 is of course not only related to the comfortable size of its. The fact that you have to know is that this laptop is the one that is completed also with a very special and exclusive feature that is rarely available in other laptops, even if they belong to the same class as this one. The feature that we are talking about here is no other else but projector. Yes, it is so true that this new laptop is also completed with a projector feature with 854x480px resolution that will make every resentation easier to do. Moreover, the presentation is also the one that can possibly be done anywhere because of the availability of this feature. The feature also makes this notebook a really considerable choice for mobile computing needs of businessmen and even students who do presentation quite a lot for the study they do. Even so, it seems that this mobile computing device is a little bit pricey for students, remembering the price applied to it which is approximately $1,029.

Other than the excellent and also functional projector feature, there are some more features that can perfect this Fujitsu Lifebook E743. For example, it is completed with smart card slot that is beneficial in data transferring. Besides, data transferring can also be done by using the integrated Bluetooth system added by the manufacturer. One more other feature that makes this notebook to be a good option for people with high usage of computer in every single day is that this device is also completed with various types of security system. It can of course give some peace of mind especially for those who used to save some important data in their personal devices, including notebook like this. In overall, it is so proper for this new laptop of Fujitsu to be called as a good option for anyone to think about.

Apple MacBook Leads in Best Laptops Category in 2013

Laptop is a form of technology that cannot be separated from the life of nowadays people. Many people use laptop to do many things in their daily life. Of course, there are not only limited to those who are employees, but also students, housewives, and many others. The people use the laptops for many things starting from taking care of their jobs or tasks or to get some entertainment. Yes, indeed, laptop can really accommodate those needs. In relation to the use of laptops as just explained previously, people tend to look for some best laptop to support their need of mobile computing. In the year of 2013, it so surprising those Apple MacBook laptops still leads the category of best laptops in 2013. Of course, it is not only about the fact that Apple MacBook Air 13” places the first position in the category. It is also about the fact that the second place of the category is also placed by another MacBook laptop. This laptop is no other else but Apple MacBook Pro 13”.

As one of the best laptops in 2013, Apple MacBook Pro is not only best because of its retina display that makes it has the best quality high resolution display. This laptop is also best because the standard memory that it has is quite huge. It is about 8GB in capacity. Next, this laptop is best because it has an excellent quality battery life, even if it is not as good as the battery life of MacBook Air 13” that can reach more than 15 hours. The last but not least, the screen of it that is rather large makes it a more comfortable mobile computing device for anyone to use. It is even more comfortable because high quality display is resulted from the retina display technology.

Even if this laptop is included in the category of the best laptops in 2013, of course there are still some cons that should be thought about by those who have interest in purchasing it. One con that is known to be quite obvious and might also be something problematic is no other else but the price that is applied to it. Compared to MacBook Air 13”, it can be said that the price applied to this one almost twice higher. The price that is meant here is about $1,999. A price like this makes this laptop to be purchasable for some people only. Yes, indeed, most people do not really think that such price is affordable enough for them. Hopefully, with such amazing price this laptop does not come with any other cons that can give huge uncomfortable impact to the performance of it and especially for its users.

Razer Blade (2013): Gaming Device to Anticipate for the Year

If you are a game freak or you love to play a game but need a device that you can take everywhere easily and compact, Razer Blade (2013) is the answer. Are you familiar enough with this name? If you are not, then you should carry on reading especially if you are a die-hard gamer and you want to taste the next level of gaming. Razer is known as a company that used to produce the products such as mice and keyboards with the great benefits for gaming purposes. But this time Razer comes to offer the gaming laptop that can be carried over anywhere, anytime and also offer the best performance that can provide the impressive gaming experience.

Razer Blade has a very compact and slim size that is 14 inches and wafer-thin laptop. Razer Blade’s keyboard has a green backlight and has an anti-ghosting ability that enables the users to press some keys in the same time. This benefits is greatly support the games. The Razer Blade (2013) comes with a slim laptop and equipped with a stereo speakers that can produce a really good sound for such a slim laptop. Although most of the gamers prefer using the usb mouse to using the touchpad, Razor Blade’s touchpad is very user-friendly. It performs responsively and smoothly. It gives you a perfect access to use the touchpad in gaming and also the touchpad has a separate left and right mouse button. Razer Blade (2013) has the great features, such as USB 3.0 ports, a stereo headset jack, an 7.1 surround sound output, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.0, and also 1.3 Megapixels web camera. With these kind of specs you can bring your game on the go with a great quality and great performance of gaming laptop. Moreover, this Razor Blade (2013) has a great efficiency of battery hours for a gaming laptop. It can provide you 6 hours battery life. However, this screen’s device only can provide 1600 by 900 resolutions. The Razer’s designers consider that lower resolution still looked sharp in smaller screen. If you are craving for a better and greater resolutions screen, you can choose the Razer Blade Pro in 17 inches that is capable to give you a better resolution of the screen.


Although this product is not the only gaming laptop on the market place, as so many processor hardware companies have launched many gaming laptops before, Razor Blade (2013) is one of the best products so far. Razor Blade (2013) gives you the chance to experience the game on the go but still gives you a great quality and speed with a thin design and comfortable keyboard. The responsive touchpad and great sounded built in speakers allows you to play game without extra mouse or speakers. Razor Blade (2013) is great choice for gamer on the go.

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